Accelerate Insight

Arcadia is an AI-powered research and insights platform. It visualizes the customer journey via easy to understand experience maps, helping your organization to design better products, services and campaigns.

The result is faster identification of your most critical opportunities, and a shared view across your organization of the challenges being faced today.

Faster, richer audience segmentations

Arcadia dramatically speeds up syndicated data discovery and automates segment comparisons, leading to richer customer mental models.

Robust data-driven personas

By applying AI-powered emotional and psychographic analysis to large sample sizes, Arcadia produces robust, statistically valid personas with shared challenges, motivations and personality traits.

Advanced journey maps with actionable recommendations

Arcadia visualizes the customer’s emotional journey to expose key gaps and opportunities at specific stages of the journey for specific personas, enabling actionable recommendations grounded in data.

How it works

Built by Havas,
powered with Watson

Havas is the only creative agency certified as a With Watson Premier partner. Using our extensive knowledge of IBM's cognitive APIs and our own custom algorithms, we've created a platform that will help our employees work smarter, and give our clients the best insight into their customers.